Croatian intensive course - INDIVIDUAL or IN A SMALL GROUP (3-8)

Croatian intensive course - CROintensive is intended for people who want to learn as much Croatian as possible in a short period of time, whether they are simply visiting Croatia, or want to learn the basics of communicating in Croatian in a short period of time.

Course features:

• Course duration: 15 lessons (per hour 60 minutes)
• Intensity: Four/five times a week (combination of 60 minutes and 90 minutes lessons, according to your needs)

• Prices:

  • INDIVIDUALcourse - 15  lessons (60 min) - 1900 kn (learning material included)
  •  GROUP COURSE - IN A SMALL GROUP (3 – 8 person) - 1300 kn per student  
  • (learning material included)

By the end of the course you will:

• learn the basics of the Croatian language, grammar and vocabulary
• learn how to communicate by using simple vocabulary and grammar in everyday situations (restaurant, market, bank, bar...)
• learn about Croatian culture and living
• adopt Croatian vocabulary which you need for basic communication in everyday life

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