Courses in person


CRO at home  / CRO in the office
If you are located in Zagreb area we can offer you CRO to go courses in person in your office or at your home. We adjust to your daily schedeule and you have an oportunity of learning with the teacher in a comfort of your home or in your office at the time that suits you.
CROchat  - intensive Croatian language course in person
 If you are visiting Zagreb and want to take this oportunity to learn bases of Croatian language or improve on your Croatian language skills, this course is an ideal option for you! 
The course takes place at the location that you are staying at. Course can last from one week to two month, depending on your scheduele and learning preferences. 
1 lesson / 60 minutes  / INDIVIDUAL          30,00 EUR  / 226,03 KN 
1 lesson / 60 minutes  / IN PAIR                    35,00 EUR / 263,7KN  /all together/
1 lesson / 60 minutes / SMALL GROUP (3-4 people)      38,00 EUR / 286,31 KN 

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